Monday, November 19, 2012

Andi's NEW BOOK: Now Available!

My new collection of poetry, When East Was North, is now available for purchase on Amazon at the following link (click below):
When East Was North
Please consider getting a copy for yourself or someone you love! Or buy one for a stranger! And after you read it, please write a review on Amazon. Thank you for your interest.

Meg Leonard is a Placitas, New Mexico artist whose work graces the book's cover. Please visit her site at: 


  1. So your daughter and your book of poetry share a birthday, huh?

  2. From Henry Bird -- sent in via email....
    "Andi: I'm really into your book of exquisi[te] poetry - so descripive it immediately calls up visual images and emotions. Each one can be read many times, with new discoveries. I love it! - Henry

  3. From my friend Nancy, via email:
    "Thank you for inviting me to your grand opening. Poetry and people, great combination. And really each is all about the other."