Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Writer's Asana

I find myself embarked on two creative projects simultaneously. One involves yoga, the other, poetry. As I mentioned in the last blog post, I am working on a book of poetry -- my original work -- that I have been writing and revising and updating for several years. In the process of getting the manuscript ready for publication, I am learning a lot about myself, the world of publishing, and what it means to set my sights on the goal and apply myself energetically to its completion. I'm not going to talk about the yoga project right now, nor give away too much about the book, except to say that if you like the blog, I think you will appreciate the poetry even more. Here is another poem from the upcoming book:

I write
            loose lines

because my hand goes numb
if I grip
            too tightly
or type for too long.

I write in snapshots
because my mind
its memories
for Anne Lamott’s
one-inch picture
frame that holds only
so much color, line
and shadow.

I write myself
into a corner
with nowhere
else to go but
I must stay
until I write
myself out

again because
out of things to say
or else to go nowhere
but there

I write beneath the flannel night
and into the denim pocket of the afternoon.

I write
sideways in my journal with an unquiet mind in child pose

the writer’s asana.

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