Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Love Note: A Sestina

Love Note

It’s impossible
not to stop
when you notice
the three deer
in your yard.

Your back yard
offers possible
shelter. The deer
awhile to notice
with alert breath

then settle, breathing
into the quiet yard.
You notice
a fourth, possibly,
a fifth, shadowed, stopping
in this place for deer.

They appear, these deer
listening, sniffing, breathing
bodies stopping
in the yard
to rest, possibly
or to take note.

Like a love note
these magical deer
make life possible.
measure out yards
of love without stopping.

Why stop
to note
this yard
full of deer
whose breath
seems impossible?

The small yard welcomes those who stop
here in possibility, noticing
the deer alive in love’s breath.

© Andrea M. Penner
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