Tuesday, July 9, 2013


On my last visit to Seal Beach, California, I walked down Main Street and onto the pier not long after the full moon appeared. Of course the moon rises in the east, but because the California coast is not a straight north-south line, the west-coast ocean became a mirror for the moon's bright light. I wrote this poem when I returned to my little room at the home of a childhood friend.

Large Moon Over Seal Beach

Couples on the pier
strolling, stopping
searching for stars
in each other's eyes.

Tired fishermen
carrying empty buckets
back to the parking lot
poles resting on slack shoulders.

Moon-struck lovers
oblivious to passers by
cocooned in the sound of the surf.

Lunatic street preacher
wearing a heavy chain
shouting the gospel
reeling in no one.

Children laughing
licking sweet ice cream
beneath the summer night.

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