Sunday, October 5, 2014

Headed North: A Poem

Headed North

Driving home tonight
in the dark, in the rain
north on Tramway
paralleling the city's backbone
Listening to Prudy's CD
the one he signed for my 55th birthday―
I’m a worried wonder
I worry ‘round in circles―
his lyrics lulling me into a state of grace
that place where life fractures
like a broken femur
and it's still okay
And lightning chooses that
to flash inside the clouds
behind Rincon Ridge
silhouetting ​jagged blackness
against a yellow sky
for a split second
reminding me that you're home
waiting for me
and I am headed
in the right direction.


  1. A lovely poem, Andi. It would be nice to connect again. Look for me on Facebook.

  2. Once again crafting precious words for a feeling shared by an inarticulate like me. Loved it!